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*Formerly The Modern Encyclopedia of Religions in Russian and the Soviet Union

Edited by Paul D. Steeves

MERRE is designed to be the most complete reference guide to religion in Russia, Soviet Union and the CIS available anywhere. It includes much material never before published in any language.

MERRE provides basic information on every subject bearing on the religious experience of the people resident in the defined geographical area. It assists in appreciation of the role and influences of religion in the historical experience of these peoples. It guides readers to further sources of information.

Volumes 1-7 (Aaron-Eastern Siberia) contain contributions by Western scholars, translations and documents in 424 entries.

New. Volume 7. Deesis-Eastern Siberia. 54 entries by 22 specialists.

About 30 volumes when complete. $44 per volume.

MERRSU Contents

"Highly recommended for research and theological institutions and for upper division undergraduate collections with strengths in Russian studies, comparative religion, Judaica, and Central Asia."--Choice
Paul D. Steeves is Professor of History and Director of Russian Studies at Stetson University, DeLand, Florida 32720


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